Gambling Success

Gambling SuccessWith the growth in online gambling, an increasing number of people are looking at the different ways to give their entertainment a winning edge, both in casinos and other gambling niches.

Gambling success through compounding stakes

Shortly before he died, Einstein made a remarkable comment that’s never been forgotten by professional investors and gamblers. When the genius was asked what the most amazing thing about the universe was, his answer was ‘compounding’ – something integral to gambling success. He was making reference to the concept of gamblers and investors being able to generate huge profits by taking advantage of higher returns. For example, when online gambling, you may rise 0.5% of your bank per wager, such as £1 if you have a £200 gambling bank. However, the concept of compound gambling, suggests that you should re-calculate that stake percentage after every winning bet. For example, if you bank became £220, you knew 2% wager value would become £1.10. Over time, these small percentage increases can help gamblers win much more money – through a ‘snowball’ effect. Gamblers have two main compounding choices – increase stakes once the bank has doubled, or re-calculate the betting level after every wager. Although a secret of pro gamers, casual gambling fans can use the concept to turn small sums in big banks. For instance, if you double £10 seven times, you end up with well over £1000. Through compounding, this can be achieved faster than you think, assuming you have a good strike rate.

Gambling success through skill

Genuine skilled gambling is the ultimate way to secure success – whether it’s in the casino or other gambling environments. In sports betting, the real get is to gamble with ‘value’. Value represents whether a selection is over-priced or underpriced. In the long run, gambling on over-priced selections to level stakes, will deliver a profit. For example, if a selection’s real chance is evens, but you gamble on it at 2-1, you have yourself a favorable gambling scenario. In the casino, hardcore skills can be developed, whether it’s card counting or a complex video poker analysis technique. The finest gamers can use these skills to get a statistical edge over the casinos, ranging from 0.5-1%. When you’re gambling with big stakes and a high volume, such a small edge is all it takes for serious long-term pro returns.

Gambling success through strategies

Strategies are often described as ‘the skilled option for un-skilled gamers’. In other words – they try and get an edge over the casino by simply manipulating the odds. Among casual gambling niches, even money systems are the easiest, most popular and potentially the most rewarding gambling strategies used on the web. Check out the Martingale system below, the infamous roulette gambling system:

  • Bet 1 unit on even money, such as 0dds £1
  • If you lose, double your wager level and bet again on the selection
  • Double-up until your strike a winning gamble

Gambling strategies like the one above can be very effective in creating winning sessions, but the stats can fail – meaning it’s vital to game with a pro mind-set if you want to have a long-term chance of scooping regular cash from your casino gambling.

  • Play with leisure stakes that you can afford to risk playing roulette systems
  • Use a low credit value
  • Skim off 50% of your winnings at the end of your sessions
  • If you lose 6 bets using a system, return to a 1 credit bet and start again to gradually re-coup your losses safely

Online gambling types

With online casinos offering more than 120 unique gambling options – there’s absolutely no way you’re ever going to be short of entertainment and pay out potential.

Leisure gambling

With minimum stake gambling from as low as 0.01 or 0.10 on hundreds of casino games, gambling on the Internet has become a fantastic leisure option for casual gamers. In fact, thanks to low stake levels, all games are playable by casual gamblers – ranging from slot games, video slots and online roulette games – to classic Vegas table games and massive progressive jackpot mega games like Major Millions.

With the current financial climate, affordable online gambling is fast becoming the number one stay at home leisure pursuit. Casual gamblers can chill out with the refined opulence of real-feel casino tables, delve into nostalgic fruit machine action, play multi-player tournaments on video game style slots – or gamble for huge potential jackpots, all without a big budget.

Jackpot gambling

Is Jackpot City Casino Safe? Of Course YES! Jackpot City Gambling is a niche filled with both casual and high stake gamblers. Their popularity is pretty obvious – since they can pay out massive jackpot well over 1 million pounds (max 2008 jackpot payouts have topped $4 million!). However, jackpot gaming also delivers an extremely rich entertainment level, with stunning themed graphics and sounds, huge multi-line gaming and a carnival gambling atmosphere. You can gamble for jackpots with stakes from pennies to big bucks – meaning everyone can join in the bonanza!

Strategic gambling

Many gambling options are responsive to strategic intent – most notably games such as video poker and blackjack. In fact, even total novice gamblers can locate free ‘basic strategy’ sheets on the web, and follow the simple instructions to minimize the casinos’ natural ‘gambling edge’. Once you can memories the strategies, progress to more complex strategies – potentially all the way to pro level with time, desire and dedication.

Bonus gambling

Whether you aspire to simply have affordable gambling fun on a regular basis, or shoot for the professional gambling ranks – banking free bonus offers is a low-risk and potentially advantageous way to get going. You can typically claim gambling bonuses which can pocket you up to £100.00 just for making your first deposit or downloading the online casino. However, you will need to play the bonus winnings through a set number of ‘play-through’ (a clause to stop people skimming cash from the casinos with 100% no-risk). What’s for sure is that bonus cash can be good news for gambling fans – with one new 2008 gambler winning over $4 million when wagering her bonus winnings!

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