Online Casino Gaming

This year – online casino gaming has made a big breakthrough in terms of appealing to the hardcore console gaming generation and serious casino gamers alike. In fact, the hottest innovations include the wide-scale launch of up-graded video slots, amazing multi-player interactive gaming and cool skill gaming options.

Video Slot Up-grades

Games such as the latest Tombraider instalment – Lara Croft Secret of the Sword from Microgaming, have heralded a new generation of casino games. Now, for the first time, gamingclub online casino can genuinely claim to offer console gamers what they desire – serious graphics, interactive reward potential and a gaming depth and progression element that mimic true video games!

Online Casino Gaming
For example, in Hit Man Video Slot, gamers can trigger an interactive shoot-out and International Adventure for a chance to hit the right targets and bank bigger rewards. Even the most hardcore video gamer will have a hard time not being impressed by the video real graphics now available in online casinos.

Multi-Player Video Slots!

If the prospect of playing console style video slots still doesn’t impress you – how about the chance to forget about beating the machines – and play live against other gamers or even your friends? Multi-player slots are all the rage on the web and have literally revolutionized casino gaming for thousands of slot and console gamers. To play multi-player slots, you simply book in to the game and session of your time and get ready to do battle – working your way up and down the live score board, for a chance to walk away with a serious reputation and hot, guaranteed payouts!

Auto-skill options

While slot gaming flourishes in online casinos, the growth in novice gamers wanting more win potential, has grown exponentially over the past couple of years. After-all it makes sense – why not have fun with an increased prospect of rewards, by playing skill games?

Fortunately, while you can find an endless stream of casino strategies to use in games such as blackjack, roulette, poker and video poker – online casinos have even started helping gamers get more of an edge!

Casino software makers such as Microgaming have developed cool auto-play skill functions, meaning it’s possible to enjoy automated decisions, such as highlighting which cards to hold and discard in video poker. While it’s true that casinos are never going to offer you hardcore, professional skill – the latest upgrades genuinely mean you can play games and not miss out on potential wins by making a less favorable move.

Bigger, more frequent casino gaming jackpots

The growth in online casino gaming is seriously big news – unless you don’t like bigger, more frequent chances to win the serious jackpots? For example, games such as Major Millions Jackpot take a slice of every gamer’s spin value – and put it straight into the game’s jackpot pool. Naturally, the more people playing the game all over the web, the bigger it gets and the more quickly it’s ready to explode with cash.

You only need to visit the recent winners page on the web to see the verified jackpot payouts, with a few seriously lucky gamers scooping hundreds of thousands, on virtually every website! The web now rivals the world’s biggest lotto games in terms of payouts and win potential – plus, it’s still fun when you lose!

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