Glasgow Casino Sites Expected to Create 2,500 Jobs

Glasgow Casino Sites Expected to Create 2,500 Jobs

The plans are in motion to build a string of casinos in the UK with one major city hosting a super casino.

Glasgow city council leading argument is that the casino sites will create huge numbers of jobs and draw in visitors numbering up to 600,000 a year. It is estimated that the casino sites will boost the city’s economy by £26 million per year.

Steve Purcell the council leader argued the case that Glasgow is going through a renaissance and has created a record number of jobs. The casino sites would only add to this boost.

Supports of Glasgow’s bid for the casino sites were Scottish Enterprise, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, Glasgow Rangers Football Club, VisitScotland and Glasgow City Marketing Bureau.

The first minister Jack McConnell is refusing to endorse the casino sites campaign and there are many opponents, city Councillor Mary Paris and church elder Ken Rolwegan who believe that no information has been given to the public and that the casino sites should not go ahead because of moral and social issues.

It has not been decided where these super casino sites will be built, there are a number of locations competing for the bid across the entire UK. Public opinion is divided. Many welcome the job opportunities that will be created and the much needed injection into local economies, but there is plenty of opposition to the planned casino sites.

Most of the proposed sites are in areas – especially Glasgow – where the unemployment rate is very high and many of the city’s residents come from lower social economic backgrounds. Many groups are arguing that to put a super casino in the middle of an area where people are struggling to make ends meet is too tempting an option for them and may create even bigger problems that existed in the first place.

It is thought that a decision will be made towards the end of the year. There are four possible sites in Glasgow where a super casino could be built. The first is close to the Ibrox Stadium, then the SECC, St Enoch’s and lastly, Glasgow Harbor.

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