Finding Honest Online Casinos

Online casinos are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to spend time and money on the internet but unfortunately due to some disreputable outfits the industry, the honest online casinos are being tarred with the same disreputable brush.

Finding honest online casinos is not such a difficult task if the potential gambler knows what they are looking for and what to avoid.

The industry has been trying for some time to rid itself of this shady reputation and great strides have been taken in the right direction.

The governing body that regulates the online casino industry eCOGRA gives seals of approval out to honest online casinos that measure up to their strict code of conduct. There are almost 100 honest online casinos who have the “play it safe” seal of approval, which means that the casinos comply with the eCOGRA standards of fair gaming and are committed to protecting the player.

If you decide to gamble in an online casino that doesn’t have the eCOGRA seal of approval there are a few other checks you can do before you part with any money.

Always look into who the software company is that powers the website. If the software provider is a big reputable company like Crytologic or Microgaming then you can be assured that the site is reputable. Even though there are no regulations for online casinos there are strict rules for software providers. The online casino will be a serious outfit who wants a long and healthy relationship with the gamer. If there is absolutely no mention of a software provider on the online casinos website, then it is best to avoid the site. This is because the casino may be a fly by night set up, that just wants to fleece the gamer.

Honest online casinos always have good customer service departments. Check this out before you begin gaming. If the website offers multiple ways to contact them such as email, fax, telephone and post, this is a really good sign. Of course it is imperative to check that these options work before gaming and that the customer service department does function and is not a telephone ringing in an empty office in the Caribbean.

The key to finding honest online casinos is research. Once you have found a site you like the look of post any queries on gambling related message boards to get other gamblers feedback.

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