Crazy Gambling Bets of Our Time

There are some of us who are daredevils at heart and are always looking at ways to challenge or thrill ourselves. Some of the bets that people place not only in casino but in life are astonishing and some lack logic. Some of you might have seen the movie rat race, the bets that were being made there are the sort of bets I looked at below and some will have you in stitches and some simply wondering what were they thinking.

English premier league soccer fans will remember that in 2001 there was a spurs fan who when seeing his team lead the red devils three nil decided to bet his whole house that his team will win but unfortunately for him his team lost five three. The man did this to impress his better half, things we do for love.

Trying to play God (he can be forgiven because of his age) 91-year-old Arthur Robinson bet that in a year’s time he would be dead and his wife facing a bitter struggle to keep their house. A UK bookie took up his offer but unfortunately for him he was alive and kicking in a year and thus lost his 500 pounds.

Crazy Gambling Bets of Our Time

Leonard Dodson dared a rich man that he could use only eighteen strokes to play three holes in the golf course, using a tennis ball and a nine iron. the rich man was not privy to the information that Dodson was able to strike the ball blindfolded, from his knees and one leg.

It would not be a genuine list of crazy bets if it did not involve a crazy bet made in a casino and this one happened recently in 2007. a British man sold everything he had and headed to a casino in sin city to bet on a roulette wheel and the bet was $135 000, as the

Wheel was spinning he put his money on re and he won and he returned home with $272 000. the money he used to set up his own poker website.

Another British man in the early nineteen hundred bet over 21000 pounds that he could walk around the world without being recognized, he would only use one under wear for the whole journey, find a wife, push a pram. On his way home world war one started when he was in Italy and that effectively ended his trip.

A one Matthew Dumbrell once bet that by the year 2000 the world would be no more. The mind boggles if prophesy can true how would he collect his money.

Stranded with no more cash to bet with Andrei Karpov used his wife as collateral, he lost and his wife ran off with the winner of that game. Such are the crazy bets that people make. I can assure you there are more out there.

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